April 17, 2014

Celestial Tee + Hosh Pants // Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

The timing of Kids Clothes Week worked out great for me. I was able to kill lots and lots of birds with a single stone; and my Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 sews were among the birds.

There are just a couple more days to purchase Parcel #2, so I'm sure that by now you've heard all about it. If you have been living under a rock (I like the dark, too), visit the Perfect Pattern Parcel website to learn more.

As for the patterns for Parcel #2, there are five plus a bonus pattern if you choose to pay $24 or more for the bundle. Check it out:

I was a tester for the Hanami (first Hanami here (which I will be selling next week) and second Hanami here), so I didn't sew it this time. Great pattern, though! The Hosh pants have been on my wishlist for months, so I decided to sew up a pair and make a Celestial tee, too.

Pattern: Celestial Tee by Figgy's
Size: 18m, only adjustment was to use the neckband as a binding.
Fabric: green/blue sweatshirt fleece

Pattern: Hosh Pants by LouBeeClothing
Size: 12m, no adjustments
Fabric: crazy jazz club-esque stretch cotton from the remnant rack
I ended up with a super-fun primary-colored outfit perfect for play! My husband thought the sweatshirt-tee would be a little warm for the upcoming season, but wouldn't you know it was snowing a couple days ago. I think it'll be perfect for playing outside on chilly Spring mornings. I wanted to show off the bright blue "wrong" side of my sweatshirt fleece, so I sewed all my seams wrong side together and stitched my seam allowances down for stripes of blue. I also turned my hem allowances to the right side. You can really have a lot of fun working with fabrics that don't fray, eh?
And the Hosh Pants?! They came together so quickly and easily. I love the construction methods in the tutorial. I chose the 12m size based on E's waist measurement; I think next time I'll do the 2T length/rise, though. They're still pretty dang cute at this cropped length.

Did I convince you to purchase Pattern Parcel #2? Or perhaps you want to take a look at the PPP site first. Either way, click the button below:

Want to see more PPP makes? Check out each of these fantastic blogs:
imagine gnats // Inder Loves Folk Art // Pienkel

And, because I really got carried away with the sewing last week, I'll be back tomorrow to share a super special sew from the Perfect Pattern Parcel. What pattern do you think I used this time? If you follow me on Instagram (@iseamstressed), then you already know!

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April 16, 2014

The Aster Cardigan // A Willow & Co Pattern

I'm back again with my second (and unfortunately last (here's my first)) result from my Willow & Co pattern testing. Wanderlust: A Glamping Collection will be released April 22 and I'm poop-my-pants excited. I'm in a mood as I'm writing this. It's a silly mood. You've been warned.

The Aster Cardigan is by Vanessa from LBG Studio. I really, really love it! The cardi is a cropped style with 3/4 length sleeves, 2-3 button closure at the top of the placket, and either a regular or faux-piped collar. It has a huge size range, too-- 18m to size 12!

Pattern: The Aster Cardigan, from the Willow & Co Wanderlust collection (releasing April 22)
Size: 18m, regular collar
Fabric: my own old favorite cardigan that I accidentally felted in the wash + hunter orange sweatshirt fleece + vintage teal knit (for the facing at the neckline) + my very favorite vintage buttons

This pattern was a flash-test (did I just coin a new term?) and had to be completed in a weekend, so I grabbed random fabrics and used random threads. You can see on the back where my bobbin ran out and I had to switch to a (very slightly) different color. Personality, I say! But seriously, for throwing a bunch of random fabrics and thread and buttons together, this cardigan is pretty freaking awesome. My favorite part is the green + gold buttons with the hot pink buttonholes. LOVE!

E is also wearing this Sally dress. Forgive the chewed-on-collar. I thought the mouthing phase was over?!

Don't forget to visit the Willow & Co website (check out the blog, sign up for the newsletter, buy the Wanderlust collection next Tuesday) and check out #willowandcopatterns on Instagram for more tester photos!

And, believe it or not, I'll be back again tomorrow (that's three posts in one week, guys) with more sewing to share!

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April 15, 2014

The Mulberry Tunic // A Willow & Co Pattern

I feel like I've been lost in another blogging-but-not-actually-blogging dimension! I've definitely been sewing (I've sewn more than twenty things that I've yet to blog about). I've been Instagramming. I just haven't been blogging. My bad.

Today I'm sharing something that I've been anticipating for months. Have you heard of Willow & Co? A group of amazing women (each of whom I'm so happy to consider a friend) have collaborated to bring about a fantastic collection of patterns. Wanderlust: A Glamping Collection will be released a week from today! Visit the Willow & Co website to learn more/subscribe to the newsletter/and BUY when the time comes.

March was an intense [secret] sewing month for me, so I knew I wouldn't be able to test as many of the Wanderlust patterns as I would have liked. I did manage to wiggle a test of The Mulberry Tunic into my schedule. I did the right thing.

The Mulberry Tunic is unisex pattern sized sized 18 months to 12 years, created by Olga from Kid ApprovedThe pattern features two sleeve lengths with optional button tab, optional hood, front button placket, inseam pockets, and chest pocket. And did I mention it's unisex? Swoon.

Pattern: The Mulberry Tunic, from the Willow & Co Wanderlust Collection (releasing April 22)
Size: 18m, short sleeved with button tab, inseam pockets
Fabric: I honestly don't know what this is. I do know that it is silky and drape-y and difficult to work with. And I bought it at my locally owned fabric outlet shop. Vintage buttons.

And since I know you've been missing her, please enjoy 238746 photos of E in her Mulberry Tunic (with chocolate on her face). These photos are a month old and HOLY COW she already looks so different!

Want to see more Willow & Co tester photos? Check out #willowandcopatterns on Instagram! I'll be back tomorrow to share the other Willow & Co pattern I tested.

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